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Sven Müller,
co-founder of the Cologne-based tech startup AutLay

Sven Müller is co-founder of the Cologne-based tech startup AutLay and has led the young company as CEO since its foundation in 2019. Previously, he completed his Master of Science in information systems at the University of Cologne and gained practical insights of the retail industry while working as a consultant for warehouse and logistics systems at an SAP consultancy agency. Afterwards, he began his PhD and, thus, worked as a research assistant in the department of business information at the University of Cologne. In the course of his research on mass customization of media products he met his co-founder and current AutLay CTO Dr. David Schölgens, which eventually resulted in the foundation of AutLay.
Today, Sven Müller and his business partner manage a team of 17 employees at AutLay and are intensively involved in the topics of AI design, print automation and omni-channel marketing. Based on the vision of AutLay, Sven Müller acts as a true frontrunner in the print industry. The underlying approach is to create a smart technology instead of using templates, which solves the problem of previously inefficient mass individualization in the field of print through artificial intelligence.