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Marcus Kalle,
managing director, Nino Druck GmbH

Marcus Kalle is born in 1974 in Düsseldorf and makes his first steps in a printing company in Kaiserslautern 1994. Without any emotional relationship to any kind of
print-products the only target of working in a printing company was to earn money for tuning parts for his Golf GTI. Nevertheless he was infected by the virus and
started a career as an Offset-Printer followed by study business administration in Mannheim. In 2001 he started as a professional in Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken
and leads since 2012 the Nino Druck GmbH as the managing director.

The Golf GTI is now history and a family van becames reality, but now there is a high emotional relationship to all different print products. His focus in the last years is
on create, educate and build up one of the best team in the printing industry, which is developing all needed requirements of the market and act as a reliable partner
for all customers. Driven by innovation he wants to establish nino as a brand and the team should be an advisor and consultant in the daily business to all friends and


NINO Druck GmbH
Im Altenschemel 21
67435 Neustadt/Wstr.