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Harry Steiert,
managing partner/CEO of Geneon GmbH

Yong Harry Steiert is managing partner/CEO of Geneon GmbH. After studying law at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg he started working in software development as early as 1996, experienced and“survived“ the so called New Economy era in Stuttgart and Munich, where he was responsible for software development and project management of Siemens and IBM products. In 1999 he founded his own company Geneon in Erlangen, the first product being „genova“ a AI-operating software solution for e-shops. Today his company operates in Berlin, Nuremberg and Kempten and serves international clients worldwide with high end software products, e-solutions and consulting all around crossmedia, e-shops, app development and cloud computing services. Since 2014 he gives trainings and lectures for f.m.p. in the fields of digital media, digital transformation and methods of project management. As such he is part of the f.m.p. senior management team since 2018.

Geneon GmbH
Sonnenallee 223a -FIN 1
12059 Berlin